Devin Liotta Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I know, I know. Late. I'm terrible. And on top of being late, I also don't have teasers for my two main stories because I've been so caught up with finals and work, but I do have two new teasers for the pieces I am offering for the Nashville piece, so shall we go onward to the teasing?

Unlucky Me Ch. 1 Teaser # 2

Downtown Amulance by Aaron Goselin.

Untitled Peter/Bella One-Shot Teaser # 2


Bella wandered through the field as she did every day on her way home from school. She wasn't normally a fan of routine, but it seemed to be something she fell into easily. This particular routine was one she was okay with. Passing through the field of blossoming tulips always made even her worst day seem better, brighter, and today was a day that needed it.


All right, I hope these made up for things a little. Remember, you just need to donate $5 minimum to any of the accepted charities, send your receipt in as proof, and you can get these and several other authors' offerings in one big ebook. Let me know what you think! :D


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