Devin Liotta Tuesday, May 11, 2010


 Summary: Edward and Bella have a history, but lose contact for 10 years. They end up working together and try to work things out. But Bella has an unresolved issue that compels her to stay as far as possible from Edward. Will they be able to work past it?

I'm back with a banner and a new rec for you. My lovely beta and prompt master, Lie2me.87, writes a little fic called Learning to Fall. It starts out with an "Omg that sucks" moment and goes on to give us a smart and determined Bella faced with seeing an unwanted Edward at work. She's a trauma surgeon, he's an ER doctor. We also have Alice and Jasper in this fic. Alice is quite the crazy one, but she's got her heart set on protecting her best friend, Bella. They also work together with Jasper, an oncologist, and Peter, who's super sweet. The story takes place in Santa Monica, CA, getting us out of the Forks area completely. There's no rain and clouds here. There's still something left to find out about this Bella, but we'll have to wait until the story progresses. It's cute and funny and Bella enjoys using sarcasm. It's only six chapters in, so I suggest you hop on this train now, while it's still gathering speed. :)

Let her know you found her story through the blog in a review :)


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