Devin Liotta Tuesday, April 27, 2010

So sorry I keep getting them posted so late, but I finally got a job! It's 30 hrs a week plus things at school are gearing up for the last month before Finals, so I've been super busy. I'm trying to get this chapter out as soon as possible, but I have no time to write at work and by the time I get home, it's already dinner time, blah blah, blah. Anyway, both the teasers are written teasers, so I'm gonna go ahead with the disclaimer here and say that these are not guaranteed to appear in the chapter, but something along the same lines should, at least. They are also unbeta'd and may have grammar/spelling issues. I apologize in advance for any mistakes. These are very rough, but I wanted to give you guys something other than pictures this week. Here we go:

The Art of Online Dating Ch. 17

Teaser #6

I startled awake from the same nightmare that had been replaying all week. I knew it was all over and we had won, but I couldn't get this ridiculous idea to leave my mind.

I looked at the clock and the numbers blinked back 3:47 am. I'd have to remember to punch Edward in the morning for using that stupid nickname for Laurent. It was the only reason I was still dwelling on things.

My imagination liked to take things and run with them. As an artist, it was great, however, it was not so great for someone susceptible to nightmares.

I'll Want You Forever Ch. 11

Teaser #6

I woke up and noticed that Edward was not in the room. He must've had to walk away at some point from, I'm sure, the loud noises I had made in my sleep. If I had been prone to somniloquy before we made love, I was fairly sure the moaning that had been loud and uncontrollable in my dreams, had not stayed there.

Now that we had finally consummated our relationship,  it was time to be a little less tender and a little more passionate. I knew just how I was going to kick this up a notch, I just had to figure out where Edward was first.

I hope you guys like it! Let me know what you think. It's always great to get feedback, especially when the chapter is still in process. Thanks to anyone that's still sticking around with me. I <3 you and you should all follow me here and on Twitter to stay updated on teasers, banners, and updates. :D


Devin Liotta Saturday, April 24, 2010

So, I've kind of been in a banner craze lately and have made a bunch more banners. Some for my stories, some for others. The ones for others are all fan-ners, as none of them were requested, I just decided to make them. You should totally check out the stories they go with.

Edward Wallbanger by Feathersmmmm <3

California Dreaming by Kisvakondok

Accidental Chances (Future Story/Companion to Unlucky Me)



Lovestruck (One-Shot and prequel to future story, Heart of Glass)
These are old, but I forgot to post them in the first banner post.

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The Art of Online Dating

I'll Want You Forever, So Forever It Is

Okay, that's all for this edition of the banner post. The teaser post should show up some time tomorrow if I don't get to it within the next hour or so. :)


P.s. I also made an icon in 3 different sizes for the blog if you want to put it on your blog or your signature on Twilighted or something. :D




Devin Liotta Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Okay, I'm back and I'm late again, but I'm here with a teaser and that's what matters, right? Right. So I've been super busy finishing my final project for my web design class, which means I didn't get much writing done. Unfortunately, I don't have written teasers right now, but I might by the next post. Please remember that both of these are M-rated stories and the next chapters of both of these will be demonstrating those ratings. If you are reading TAOOD, there will be markers for those of you who want to skip around it. However, in IWYF, the scene is a major part of the chapter and the movement of the plot I am using to wrap up this story, so there won't really be a way to skip it. If you don't want to read this chapter, you can leave me a review saying you were uncomfortable with it and I will give you a recap of the main points so that the following chapter won't seem strange. :P I would love to work with you guys to be able to keep reading, especially since we are so close to the end of this one. (Yay!) Anyway, moving on. Without further ado, I bring you your teasers for The Art of Online Dating Chapter 17 and I'll Want You Forever Chapter 11.

The Art of Online Dating

Teaser #5

I'll Want You Forever

Teaser #5

I hope you all are enjoying these teasers and are still excited for updates. I'm sorry that I take so long, but I focus on school, first and foremost. It is wrapping up next month, so I'm hoping for quicker updates over summer. I apologize again for the long wait and I hope you all continue to stick with me. Once these stories are over, I do have more planned, but they will be pre-written before being posted so that you guys don't have to wait for updates like you've had to with these two. Thanks so much and don't forget to follow me on Twitter for more information about updates to this and on my chapters. I love you all! :D


Devin Liotta Sunday, April 11, 2010

Well, I'm back like I promised. I have two teasers for each of my stories. Out of the four, one of them is a written teaser. Yay, right? I haven't got much written, but I am working on it. These teasers are suggestive and therefore will be somewhat NSFW. There is no nudity, cursing, or anything of that sort, but it is suggestive of sexual things, as you can probably already see depending on the resolution of your computer screen. There is a reason this blog has been changed to have people click the okay for content before getting here, so if you aren't comfortable with the content, please click the red exit button now. If not, continue reading. :)

Disclaimer for written teasers (both here and in the future): All scenes are subject to change. Not all teasers shown on this blog or elsewhere will necessarily make it to the final product. Also, all teasers are un-beta'd, so I apologize for any spelling or grammar errors.

The Art of Online Dating Chapter 17

Teaser #3

Teaser #4

At a stop light, I started to peel the banana. I got a not-so-G-rated thought. It was almost Valentine's Day and it would do me good to get some practice in before I got to the real deal.

I'll Want You Forever Chapter 11

Teaser #3

Teaser #4

Devin Liotta Thursday, April 8, 2010


Sorry for the delay with the teasers but I was out of town last week and still am for the rest of this week. However, because we skipped last week's teaser post, there will be two for each in this week's post. I also am happy to say that one of the teasers will be a written one.

It's looking like this next chapter of The Art of Online Dating will have a bit of angst, some humor and a lot of romance. I will be wrapping up the Victoria/James conflict and then there's Valentine's day to cover, so you know what that means! At least all the dirty birds will remember lol. But if you are underage or uncomfortable with the lemony scene, I will have markers for you to read around it. It won't take up the whole chapter and I know some of you get squicked out by those scenes. I wouldn't want to make anybody feel the need to stop reading because of it.

The next chapter of I'll Want You Forever is continuing the honeymoon and will be one of the last three chapters! I'm finally wrapping it up and I'm glad that some of you have stuck around this long.

So thank you and I promise there will be teasers this weekend.

TAOOD Ch. 17 - 15/100
IWYF Ch. 11 - 5/100


P.s. I think you all should check out my beta's stories. She's awesome and I am loving her ExB fic, Learning to Fall. So be sure to check out her stories, too :)