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Eek! I missed last week's teaser post, but I worked all week and didn't even get to write until the other night, when I finally finished my piece for the Nashville collection. You can still get the collection, as long as you donate to one of the accepted charities and send in the receipt by June 14th to get access to it. You can find out where to donate on the FicsForNash Livejournal (Click the title of this post to go to it). I offered two pieces, one of them being the first chapter of a future story of mine (Unlucky Me) and one being a completely original Peter/Bella one shot, called Field of Hopes. I have teasers from Unlucky Me, Field of Hopes, and The Art of Online Dating. I also have a banner for Field of Hopes. Hopefully, this will entice you to donate to a great cause and read both my stories plus the other great stories inside. Please note that the written teaser for The Art of Online Dating is unbeta'd and is subject to change, possibly not even making it to the final cut. The other two written teasers are in their final phase and are shown exactly as in the Nashville Collection. Here we go.

The Art of Online Dating Ch. 17
Teaser #11
 "Are you enjoying yourself, Emmett?" she yelled. There was a loud yelp and the sound of feet slapping on the hardwood.
"And how did you know he was there exactly?" Rosalie asked, her eyebrow raised in a questioning manner.
"Too many sleepovers as a young girl. He always wants to know what we're talking about. He was convinced that Bella and I secretly made out and had pillow fights in our panties every time. I would wait until Bella went to use my bathroom to get ready to call him out on it." Alice shrugged and opened the door.
"I always wondered why you were yelling strange things while I was in there..." I trailed off before making my way out to the kitchen.
Unlucky Me Ch. 1
Teaser #3
“You were in an accident. You must not have heard the sirens and we were going too fast. You were hit by an ambulance going fifty-five miles an hour,” he said with a look of solemnity mixed with guilt.
“I was what? I got in an accident--with an ambulance?” I sat there shocked at how only such a thing could happen to me. “I don't know how I do it. I manage to have things that are seemingly impossible or so rare that they don't matter always happen to me.”
“So, you're saying this kind of thing happens a lot?” he asked utterly confused but slightly amused.
“Yes, actually,” I said matter-of factly, trying to look defiant.

Field of Hopes


Teaser #3
 "Do you remember the baby shower my mom had when she was getting ready to have Jasper?" he asked.

She looked up at him wondering where the topic was heading.

"Yes, I was 13 and getting ready to graduate 8th grade then. Why?"  Her eyebrows furrowed together while she tried to think of any connection that could be made.
"Your mom had an incident there, too. She fell down and went to the hospital just like today," he said softly.
"I'm sorry but I'm not seeing how this conn--" she started to say, trying to mask her annoyance at his beating around the bush.
"My point is, she was able to turn things around then and she will again. She went into remission for 3 whole years. Shouldn't that give you some kind of hope? Her remission periods keep getting longer and--"
"And the cancer keeps coming back stronger," she finished.

I hope you enjoyed the teasers. I tried to give you long teasers. And even if you don't want to read the stories I offered, please donate to this cause. These people are in need after a terrible flood. Who knows, maybe your favorite author donated a piece and you didn't even know about it. Either way it's just $5 for 180+ authors & stories. I think that's a great deal ;)
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