Devin Liotta Saturday, May 15, 2010

It's that time again for the teasing. Things are a bit different this time, but you'll already have known that would be the case, if you read my previous post.

Because I am taking part in Fics for Nashville, I am giving you teasers from both pieces I will be offering as an incentive for you to donate to the cause. I have also been writing fairly often for The Art of Online Dating Ch. 17 (hopefully posting before the end of this month), so there will be a teaser for that as well. You guys get three different teasers today! One is a picture and two are written. For the written ones, please remember that these are unbeta'd pieces and that they are not guaranteed to make it to the final cut. Please excuse grammar and spelling mistakes.

The Art of Online Dating Ch. 17

Teaser #10


"Besides how could you ever maim my beautiful self? What would you do without me to drool over?" he chuckled before yanking me to lay on top of him.
"Oh, well aren't you Mr. Cockypants tonight." I pushed myself up using his chest, so that I was sitting in a straddle over him.
"Why yes, yes I am." He winked at me and placed his hands on my hips, his fingertips grazing the exposed skin between my shirt and the waistband of my pants.


Unlucky Me Ch. 1


“We're here.” he said, as the ambulance slid to a slow stop.

He grabbed hold of my gurney and pushed open the doors of the ambulance. I felt it lower to the ground and he rolled me into the hospital. There was lots of chatter and a slight draft. Hospitals were always so cold. No wonder they freaked people out; it was like setting you up for the morgue early.


Peter/Bella Untitled One-Shot

Prompt 1: Tulips

Alright, there are your teasers. Since there is still time before these compilations go out to donors for Fics for Nash, I may post more teasers for the two pieces being offered. Hopefully, this convinces you to possibly donate to the cause. I hope that you will. Thank you to all my readers of any fic I ever have or will post. You all mean a lot to me and I hope that I have enough influence to get you to give back a little for the causes I support. Thank you again.

Until next time,

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